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Natural Odor Remover 4 oz Spray Bottle, Lavender Scent

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Do you have stinky odors in your home or car?

Does your trash can spread stinky smells into your kitchen and house?

Now you can spray away unwanted odors naturally, without using harsh chemicals in other deodorizer sprays.

Introducing Lavender Natural Odor Remover by Naturally Made Essentials.

Gets Rid of Any Foul Odor, And Still Has Hundreds of Sprays Left!

Removes unwanted odors in under a minute without using toxic chemicals. Just spray this safe and natural Lavender essential oil formula and smells are gone.

  • Uses all natural ingredients to powerfully knock out any odor
  • Relaxes your senses and melts stress away with lavender essential oil
  • Eliminates odors, instead of masking them
  • Saves space with hundreds of sprays in every bottle

All Natural, Use It Everywhere:

Works on Bedding, Backpacks, Bags, Furnishings, and Pet Odors. It can even get rid of the lingering smell of smoke odors in Cars, Homes, Offices, Dorms and on Clothes!