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Essential Oil Bottle/ Roller Bottle Opener

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  • This tool helps you pry off the reducer insert and press on your roller bottle caps.
  • Whether you are creating your own oil blends or just wanting to use a roller ball to apply your essential oils, you will never again be forced to use your teeth, knives, or fingernails to remove or re-secure your roller bottle or reducer caps.
  • This Essential Oil Key - Roller Bottle Accessory is ready to serve you in your essential oil and aromatherapy journey. It may look like Swiss Cheese, it fits most essential oil bottles and is perfect to help open those essential oil bottles and fit on a roller ball (or take it off - your choice). From the tiny sampler bottles to the standard 5 or 15 ml or .17 or .5 oz bottles, this Key will make your life so much less tedious.
  • These keys are the perfect birthday gift or stocking stuffer for your essential oils lovers. Avoid broken fingernails and the frustration at trying to remove the reducer plug insert. Replace the plug on your bottles with a roller cap for ease of application by using our Roller Bottle Cap Key.